FACE It Skincare Therapy


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Margaret L. Marshall, LE

NYS Licensed & Insured with ASCP

Certified Acne Specialist with face reality

Certified CIT provider with Herbal Skin Solutions

Professionals products available from Elleebana Lash Lift

Hale & Hush, face reality, Skin ScriptRx, Viktoria DeAnn Peptides.



Express $40/40 min.

(deep cleansing when booking)

Dbl deep cleanse, enzyme, serums, hydration, and SPF.


Customized $70/60 min.

(anti-aging when booking)

Each facial addresses the specific needs of each client each visit.


Dermaplaning $80/60 min.

This is a fantastic way to exfoliate dead skin off in addition to the removal of vellus hair.


Micro-Current $85/60 min.

(signature when booking)

FDA cleared safe and effective in bringing results for skin issues ranging from wrinkles

Fine lines and sagging skin dehydration, large pores. Results in the first treatment however

It builds with a series of treatments.


Nano-Infused Facial $120/90 min.

(collagen facial when booking)

This is Dermaplaning with Nano infused therapy and LED.


Microneedling $200/90 min.

Visible improvements in skin texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks.


Resurfacing & Brightening Peels $50 alone $30 added to a Facial. 45 min.


ADD ON to any facial. LED Light Therapy $25/25 min

ADD ON to any facial. Extractions and High Frequency $20/20 min.



Please look at all the information on my website.

Consultation and treatment for first visit $100 /90 min.

Acne facial $ 80 /60 min.


ELLEEBANA lash lift & tint $75 /60 min.

Brow wax $15

Brow tint  $15

Lip wax $ 10




Make Up Services are provided by Imagine Staff starting at $60 and up.


Fingers and Toes

Classic Manicure                     $20.00

Spa Manicure                          $25.00

Just Gelish                                $20.00

Gelish With Manicure            $45.00 (lasts up to 3 weeks)

Gelish Second Visit                $30.00

French add $10

Classic  Pedicure                     $45.00

Hot Stone Spa Pedicure

(With Jojoba Oil Massage)   $60.00

French add $10



Brows                                   $15.00

Lip                                          $10.00

Back                                      $40.00

Chest                                    $40.00

Bikini                                     $25 and Up

Brazilian                               $60.00

Underarm                            $30.00


Call for pricing on other body

Microblading by Samy


Microblading $400

(Most natural looks like hair)


Hybrid $450

(Microblading with light added shading to create density)


Bold combination $500

(Hair strokes in the front with a full powder brow middle and tail)


Ombré Brow $500

(Full soft pixelated brow that transitions from the front being the lightest to the tail being the darkest) 


Eyeliner $299 for tops


Lips $375